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Dogtown USA

Dogtown, USA
112 North Ridgewood Drive
Open 10am-5:30pm Mon-Fri
9am-3pm- Sat

Owner, Lora Todd

Grain free dog food in a variety of sizes...

•Local retailer of FROMM
and Nutri-Source

•Pet Art by Local Artists
•Spa products, clothing, toys bedding, home decor items and more

All treats and food made in the USA!!

"Pets are always welcome
to stop in for a visit!"

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Scenes from the store.

Downtown Sebring Welcomes Dogtown USA

If Downtown Sebring ‘goes to the dogs,’ that’s ok with Lora Todd, who is the owner of Plan B Promotions (, an event planning company that coordinates several events in Downtown Sebring, such as Run to the Heartland, the Summer of Love Volkswagen Jubilee and the U.S. Aviation Expo Kick Off Party.  And if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, Todd is opening Downtown Sebring’s newest boutique on Feb. 8, Dogtown, USA ( coming soon, that will cater to our favorite four-legged friends and be located at 112 N. Ridgewood Drive. 

“Downtown is the heart and soul of any’s your roots,” Todd said.  “Visiting there should be a nostalgic, ‘Coming Home’ experience.”

Lora Todd was born and raised in Avon Park, FL and moved to Sebring in 1989.  She got involved in Downtown Sebring by organizing special events that revolved around downtown.  

After years of event planning experience, she launched Plan B Promotions because she LOVES planning events.  The majority of Todd’s events are held in Downtown Sebring because of the Circle Park, the cooperation from the city and merchants, and the fact that it’s a beautiful venue that all event attendees really enjoy.  Plan B is unique in the fact that most of the company’s events revolve around Downtown Sebring.  Todd has developed a good reputation with the city, its service providers and the Downtown merchants who have made Plan B the ‘go to’ event planner in the business.  They have the knowledge and expertise to be able to handle anything from motorcycles to airplane events.

When asked what is her favorite thing about Downtown Sebring, Todd says the friendliness of the they tend to want to help you find what you are looking for whether it’s directions or a good place to eat.   Also, the talent of some of the local artists and the beauty of the Circle Park.

“I love that downtown has a special’s laid back and unhurried,” Todd said.  “It makes me want to just stroll and uncover the hidden treasures there.”

Todd is opening Dogtown USA because a doggie boutique fits in perfectly with the uniqueness of downtown.  The pet boutique will provide something a little different and very fun for two- and four-legged customers.  Being pet owner herself who loves spoiling her dog, Todd wants to offer unique gifts for not only the pet but the owners as well.

She is encouraged by the new faces starting businesses in Downtown Sebring and increased foot traffic during the day and at evening events.  With the marketing efforts from the Sebring Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and special events, Downtown Sebring has been and will continue to see lots of new faces. 

Casey L. Wohl
Gray Dog Communications

 from the Sebring CRA

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